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-Record Breaking Day, Fettuccine, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken [Refill] + Fettuccine, Creamy Mushroom & Crispy Shrimp Fritta [Refill] Record Breaking Meal

Day 49, Meal 116

Today is the BIG DAY! It’s time for Meal 116, the one that passes the prior record held since 2014, from #PastaPreacher Alan Martin. I took a road trip from Inverness, FL to Burlington, NC, 600+ miles away (1,200 round trip) to have a nice meal together while passing his record at the same time. On Friday, it was time to throw on my 8 Weeks of Pasta shirt… … and hit the road: I stopped at locations along the way in Georgia, South Carolina and finally ending up in North Carolina, where I met up with an old Army […]

8 Weeks of Pasta

Who, What, When, Where, Why & How?

WHO: Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m about to embark on an awesome adventure, along with 21,999 other lucky people! Follow along and join in the fun! Fortunately, I have an Olive Garden location in my (small) town of Inverness, FL, so it’s just a few minutes away. WHAT: The Pasta Pass allows Pass-holders to enjoy the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion at Olive Garden as many times as they wish in-restaurant for 8 weeks. That’s right – unlimited food at Olive Garden for 8 weeks! Olive Garden also offered the Pasta Passport this year, to 50 lucky recipients for only $200! […]