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-Leftovers, Cavatappi, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken [Half]

Day 57, Meal 141

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My Rating:After 8 Weeks of Pasta and 140 visits, I was able to amass a decent amount of leftovers. Surprisingly, ALL of them came from just the past 10 days. For the first 46 days, I almost never put in a refill and typically just got a single refill portion. But the last 10 days, I got a full size order, ate half (as indicated) and ordered a unique refill. That is my leftover stockpile, which took over the family freezer, and I have enough to last ANOTHER 8 Weeks. I’ll review a single frozen meal each day, and hopefully […]

-50/50 Pasta, Cavatappi/Rigatoni, Five Cheese Marinara & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Half]

Day 51, Meal 123

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My Rating:It’s time for my second 50/50 Pasta combination, combining 2 of the 7 Pasta options together. I am going with Cavatappi/Rigatoni with Five Cheese Marinara & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Half]: This looks and tasted great! I love that the Pastas were already mixed together! Another 9/10! My daughters Olivia & Chloe joined me for this meal as well! They went with a Kids Meal of Fettuccine Alfredo with French Fries! Yum!! Here is the Ziosk showing a cost savings of $14.82: Here is the nutritional information for this meal:  

-Server's Choice, Cavatappi, Asiago Garlic Alfredo & Italian Sausage [Half]

Day 47, Meal 115

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My Rating:For my last meal of the day during my road trip to North Carolina from Florida, I am meeting up with an old Army buddy from when we served together at Ft. Riley, back in 2001-2004, including deployments to Kuwait/Iraq. As he is local to Holly Springs, which was on my way up to Burlington, NC, we met up at the Holly Sprilngs Towne Center location: My buddy Ben ended up ordering himself a Beer, Salad, Stuffed Mushrooms, and an order of Lasagna, and ordered his son Mac & Cheese with some Broccoli (his choice!) as well as a Seasonal Sicilian […]

-I ❤ Alfredo, Cavatappi, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken [Half]

Day 44, Meal 104

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My Rating:Next up on the I ❤ Alfredo list is Cavatappi, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken [Half]: Wow, this was fantastic! I’m a big Cavatappi fan in general, as it’s my personal pasta preference of choice for my own amazing homemade Mac & Cheese twice a year, for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Everything about this meal just worked perfectly, the right amount of Alfredo (you don’t want much or too little, the latter being the bigger concern!!), and the Grilled Chicken complimented it perfectly. 10/10. Here is the Ziosk showing a cost savings of $15.14:   Here is the nutritional information for this meal:  

-Tour of Orlando, 8 Weeks of Pasta, Cavatappi, Traditional Marinara & Meatballs [Refill]

Day 42, Meal 100

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My Rating:It’s time for the “Tour of Orlando”! 7 meals across 7 locations in 7 hours, around the Orlando area. Orlando is where it all started for Olive Garden back in 1982, December 13, 1982 to be exact. We even share the same birthday year! Today I’ll be having all 7 pasta options, which includes Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Whole Grain Linguine, Cavatappi & Gluten-Free Rotini. Each meal will include Traditional Marinara & (1) Meatball, in a refill portion. Total calories are 2,945 across the entire day, and since my personal limit is 2600, I’ll need to ensure I […]