8 Weeks of Pasta

-Tour of Orlando, 8 Weeks of Pasta, Cavatappi, Traditional Marinara & Meatballs [Refill]

Day 42, Meal 100

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My Rating:It’s time for the “Tour of Orlando”! 7 meals across 7 locations in 7 hours, around the Orlando area. Orlando is where it all started for Olive Garden back in 1982, December 13, 1982 to be exact. We even share the same birthday year! Today I’ll be having all 7 pasta options, which includes Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Whole Grain Linguine, Cavatappi & Gluten-Free Rotini. Each meal will include Traditional Marinara & (1) Meatball, in a refill portion. Total calories are 2,945 across the entire day, and since my personal limit is 2600, I’ll need to ensure I […]

8 Weeks of Pasta

Who, What, When, Where, Why & How?

WHO: Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m about to embark on an awesome adventure, along with 21,999 other lucky people! Follow along and join in the fun! Fortunately, I have an Olive Garden location in my (small) town of Inverness, FL, so it’s just a few minutes away. WHAT: The Pasta Pass allows Pass-holders to enjoy the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion at Olive Garden as many times as they wish in-restaurant for 8 weeks. That’s right – unlimited food at Olive Garden for 8 weeks! Olive Garden also offered the Pasta Passport this year, to 50 lucky recipients for only $200! […]