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-50/50 Pasta, Angel Hair/Fettuccine, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken [Half]

Day 51, Meal 124

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My Rating:It’s time for my third 50/50 Pasta combination, combining 2 of the 7 Pasta options together. I am going with Angel Hair/Fettuccine with Alfredo & Meatballs [Half]: This was REALLY great! 10/10! And YES, it includes ANGEL HAIR! That is my FIRST time rating Angel Hair a perfect score! Now, to be fair, it did likely heavily rely on the delicious Fettuccine, but when combined, Angel Hair really is FANTASTIC! I am so glad I decided to mix Pastas today! Here is the Ziosk showing a cost savings of $15.14: Here is the nutritional information for this meal:  

-Server's Choice, Angel Hair, Asiago Garlic Alfredo & Meatball/Italian Sausage [Refill]

Day 47, Meal 114

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My Rating:Leaving Georgia now and continuing my road trip towards Burlington, NC! Next stop is South Carolina, and the Olive Garden of choice along the way for meal 2 of 3 today is the Florence – Magnolia Mall location: My server Tee, who was fantastic, quickly selected Angel Hair, Asiago Garlic Alfredo and Meatball/Italian Sausage [Refill]: Wow, this was really surprisingly great. Who would think that I would do this, but this gets a 9/10! Crazy! The server’s do a MUCH better job at picking out Angel Hair combinations than I do apparently! Thanks Tee! Here is the Ziosk showing a […]

-Server's Choice, Angel Hair, Creamy Mushroom & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Refill]

Day 47, Meal 113

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My Rating:It’s Road Trip day! Leaving Inverness, FL and heading up to North Carolina to meet up with Alan Martin, the current Pasta Pass record holder, for a lunch together that surpasses the standing record. It will be my 116th Meal at Olive Garden in 7 Weeks! Today I’ll be stopping at 3 different Olive Garden’s, 1 in GA, 1 in SC and 1 in NC. First up is Brunswick, GA: My server was Payton, and she was fantastic. I showed her my printed out spreadsheets (5!) of available food combinations, if she could possibly pick one for me, and […]

-Tour of Orlando, Angel Hair, Traditional Marinara & Meatballs [Refill]

Day 42, Meal 97

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My Rating:It’s time for the “Tour of Orlando”! 7 meals across 7 locations in 7 hours, around the Orlando area. Orlando is where it all started for Olive Garden back in 1982, December 13, 1982 to be exact. We even share the same birthday year! Today I’ll be having all 7 pasta options, which includes Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Whole Grain Linguine, Cavatappi & Gluten-Free Rotini. Each meal will include Traditional Marinara & (1) Meatball, in a refill portion. Total calories are 2,945 across the entire day, and since my personal limit is 2600, I’ll need to ensure I […]

-Cinque Pasti (aka 5 Meals), Angel Hair, Creamy Mushroom & Grilled Chicken [Refill]

Day 40, Meal 86

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My Rating:Meal 3 of 5 today is going to be my kryptonite pasta, Angel Hair. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just not for me. However, on days like today, I feel the urge to give it another chance. So many people love it, so it MUST be good, right?: Sadly, wrong. I still dislike this pasta. And despite this being a refill portion, and it not looking like much is underneath, it was just SO MUCH PASTA. And despite the Creamy Mushroom looking great, I wasn’t super huge on it today. It wasn’t bad by any means, […]