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-The Last Supper

Day 56, Meal 140

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My Rating:It’s time for The Last Supper. 8 Weeks have flew by, and it’s now time for Meal/Visit # 140. After visiting 36 different Olive Gardens across 5 states, I decided to have the final meal at the International Drive – Orlando location, which was the original Olive Garden from 1982 (rebuilt about a mile down the road). The last time I was here was on National Pasta Day. It’s a really nice Olive Garden, and if you are in the area, I would highly recommend this location. The GM, Darrell Sullivan, is one of the best, and the only […]

-Ready for Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Asiago Garlic Alfredo/Creamy Mushroom & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Half]

Day 53, Meal 130

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My Rating:It’s time for another “Ready for Spaghetti” meal… Up next is Spaghetti Fettuccine, Asiago Garlic Alfredo/Creamy Mushroom & Grilled Chicken [Half]: As you can tell, since the theme is “Ready for Spaghetti”, this isn’t Spaghetti. But since it’s going to be just as delicious, I certainly wasn’t about to send it back as I was given Fettuccine instead. You can’t go wrong with Asiago Garlic Alfredo mixed with Creamy Mushroom. Just TONS of flavor. This was another fantastic meal. 10/10. I was also joined by my lovely ladies, Chloe & Olivia: Pro tip: Ask for bibs for the kiddos. […]

-Record Breaking Day, Fettuccine, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken [Refill] + Fettuccine, Creamy Mushroom & Crispy Shrimp Fritta [Refill] Record Breaking Meal

Day 49, Meal 116

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My Rating:Today is the BIG DAY! It’s time for Meal 116, the one that passes the prior record held since 2014, from #PastaPreacher Alan Martin. I took a road trip from Inverness, FL to Burlington, NC, 600+ miles away (1,200 round trip) to have a nice meal together while passing his record at the same time. On Friday, it was time to throw on my 8 Weeks of Pasta shirt… … and hit the road: I stopped at locations along the way in Georgia, South Carolina and finally ending up in North Carolina, where I met up with an old […]

-Server's Choice, Angel Hair, Creamy Mushroom & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Refill]

Day 47, Meal 113

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My Rating:It’s Road Trip day! Leaving Inverness, FL and heading up to North Carolina to meet up with Alan Martin, the current Pasta Pass record holder, for a lunch together that surpasses the standing record. It will be my 116th Meal at Olive Garden in 7 Weeks! Today I’ll be stopping at 3 different Olive Garden’s, 1 in GA, 1 in SC and 1 in NC. First up is Brunswick, GA: My server was Payton, and she was fantastic. I showed her my printed out spreadsheets (5!) of available food combinations, if she could possibly pick one for me, and […]

-Gluten-Free(ish), Gluten-Free Rotini, Creamy Mushroom & Crispy Shrimp Fritta [Refill]

Day 41, Meal 92

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My Rating:Today’s theme is Gluten-Free(ish), which means I’m be having Glueten-Free Rotini across 6 VISITS today, ALL with Crispy Shrimp Fritta (which has Gluten), and each being with a new sauce (4 have Gluten). I haven’t had this pasta much so this gives me the chance to directly compare the pasta with a different sauce. 4 of 6 sauces up is Creamy Mushroom: I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture of the Pasta this go around, and while I typically enjoy the Creamy Mushroom, I felt it just did not work in this pairing. Creamy Mushroom for me, works REALLY […]