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-Double², On the Rocks, Fettuccine, Alfredo/Traditional Meat Sauce & Crispy Chicken Fritta/Crispy Shrimp Fritta [Half] + Blueberry Limonata

Day 55, Meal 134

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My Rating:It’s Pasta Pass Eve, a very sad night for ALL Pasta Pass recipients. The Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion ends tomorrow, November 19th at close of business (10 PM), which means our cards concurrently expire at that very moment. But since my card is still valid, I’m ready for 1 of 3 meals today, on a new theme: “Double², On the Rocks”, This consists of getting 2 different sauces & 2 different toppings, + each meal I’ll have one of the new Handcrafted Limonata drinks. I have ONLY ordered water for every single meal, until now, so it’s nice to have […]