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-Tour of Orlando, Gluten-Free Rotini, Traditional Marinara & Meatballs [Refill]

Day 42, Meal 101

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My Rating:It’s time for the “Tour of Orlando”! 7 meals across 7 locations in 7 hours, around the Orlando area. Orlando is where it all started for Olive Garden back in 1982, December 13, 1982 to be exact. We even share the same birthday year! Today I’ll be having all 7 pasta options, which includes Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Angel Hair, Fettuccine, Whole Grain Linguine, Cavatappi & Gluten-Free Rotini. Each meal will include Traditional Marinara & (1) Meatball, in a refill portion. Total calories are 2,945 across the entire day, and since my personal limit is 2600, I’ll need to ensure I […]

-Stickwich Week, Fettuccine, Alfredo/Asiago Garlic Alfredo & Crispy Shrimp Fritta Stickwich + National Pasta Day BONUS

Day 23, Meal 46

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My Rating:Tonight’s dinner is a VERY special occasion, as it’s NATIONAL PASTA DAY! That calls for a pre-meal celebration: As a Disney Passholder, I always look forward to the Food & Wine Festival held at Epcot each year. I was out with some co-workers and figured I’d try a couple of small bites before dinner. 1st up: Wow, 10/10. I ALWAYS look forward to this bite. Always excellent. And Le Cellier is a fantastic restaurant at Epcot. If you even have a special occasion, make sure to check them out. Worth every penny. My last pre-dinner snack was: This was […]

-Testing the Waters, Rigatoni, Five Cheese Marinara & Italian Sausage

Day 1, Meal 2

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My Rating:For my second meal, during dinner service, I decided to skip the breadsticks and soup, and go right for the main course: This is Rigatoni, with Five Cheese Marinara and (2) Italian Sausage . This was my first time ever having Rigatoni at Olive Garden, and I really enjoyed it. I brought my 2 girls, Olivia and Chloe, in with me for dinner, and they ended up splitting the Spaghetti and Chicken Fingers kids meal with French Fries. And as my oldest daughter Chloe would say,  “And Ketchup too Daddy”. Here is a picture of us a few days […]