-Testing the Waters

-Testing the Waters, Cavatappi, Asiago Garlic Alfredo & Crispy Shrimp Fritta

Day 5, Meal 9

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My Rating:Day 5 is here, and it’s lunch time. Today is also the last (work) day of the government fiscal year, so I had to make it a quick visit for lunch time in case something pops up during my lunch break. Since I’ve exhausted all original Pasta, Sauce and Topping options, I need to start with the combinations. What better way than altering my current top choice, which consists of Cavatappi, Five Cheese Marinara and Crispy Shrimp Fritta, so I swapped out the sauce for some Asiago Garlic Alfredo and this is the result: One thing that always impresses […]

-Testing the Waters, Fettuccine, Alfredo & Grilled Chicken

Day 4, Meal 8

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My Rating:For meal 8, I decided to go with a classic, Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken: And if you haven’t learned by now, I LOVE cheese: My lovely daughters Chloe & Olivia were excited for their meal too, Linguine & Tomato Sauce. Here they are waiting at the lobby (it was PACKED tonight with a slight wait, at 5:30pm): And here they are at the table, coloring and playing with stickers while we wait for our food: Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken has long been a favorite of mine, and during the Buy One, Take One promotion that just ended […]

-Testing the Waters, Gluten-Free Rotini, Five Cheese Marinara & Crispy Chicken Fritta

Day 4, Meal 7

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My Rating:So here we are, meal 7. My LAST new pasta option available to me since I’ve tried the other 6, Gluten-Free Rotini. I paired that with my favorite sauce, Five Cheese Marinara along with Crispy Chicken Fritta: ..And I know what you are thinking: “Wow, finally a meal without grated cheese on top. Nope, don’t worry: As this was the first time having the Gluten-Free Rotini, I wasn’t really sure what to expect texture and taste wise, but it was great and did not disappoint. I have no reason to actually eat Gluten-Free, as you can tell with my […]

-Testing the Waters, Whole Grain Linguine, Traditional Marinara & Meatball/Italian Sausage

Day 3, Meal 6

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My Rating:As I have exhausted several of the options available (not factoring combinations), I chose Whole Grain Linguine for my pasta, Traditional Marinara for my sauce and since I’ve already exhausted all my toppings options, I went with the non-advertised Meatball/Sausage combo (1 each) for my sixth meal: I was a bit surprised how much I liked the Whole Grain Linguine, and I was expecting it to be the typical darker colored pasta with a firmer texture. Nope, it definitely resembled their regular offerings, and since this pasta choice is their lowest calorie option at 350 per serving, it is quite […]

-Testing the Waters, Angel Hair, Creamy Mushroom & Grilled Chicken

Day 3, Meal 5

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My Rating:As I’ve tried several pasta, sauce and topping options by now, I wanted to continue avoiding duplicates for a little longer. One thing I have yet to have was Angel Hair, Creamy Mushroom or Grilled Chicken, so that is what I went with for Meal 5: This visit was at the ORLANDO – WATERFORD LAKES NEAR UCF location. The Angel Hair pasta reminded me of more of Ramen Noodles than Spaghetti, from a texture perspective. It was still good, but just not as good as the others. The Creamy Mushroom sauce was good, but lacked the bold, strong flavor […]