Day 54, Meal 133

Day 54, Meal 133

My Rating:

It’s time for meal 3 of 3 today, on the last day of the “Ready for Spaghetti” theme, and I’m going with Spaghetti, Alfredo & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Half]:

It’s probably hard to believe with this perfect streak, but this is another 10/10 meal. Meal # 9 across 3 days, and ALL have been perfect 10 rated meals! Amazing.

As mentioned earlier, the article from Spencer Jakab, “Forget Atkins! Forget Paleo! What You Need Is the Olive Garden Diet” made the front page of the Wall Street Journal today. Here is a digital snapshot of the section that includes myself along with former Pasta Pass champ, Alan Martin:

Here is the Ziosk showing a cost savings of $14.82:

Here is the nutritional information for this meal:

Day 55, Meal 134
Day 54, Meal 132


Meals(+60 Leftover)
Saved(w/Pasta Pass)
Calories Consumed(2-3 Meals/Day)
Carbs (g)(Energy)
Protein (g)(Repair)
Fat (g)(Yum)
Locations Visited(Across 5 States)
Ending Weight (lb)(Started 153)
Calories Expended(Including BMR)
Active Minutes(Avg 45 Min/Day)


After losing 70 pounds this year, I'm going on a journey of enjoying carbs and dining out twice a day for the next 8 weeks, for free, while still living a healthy lifestyle. I'll be at the gym daily, and my goal is to not put on a single pound. "Everything in moderation, including moderation" - Oscar Wilde

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