Dark Chocolate w/Caramel

Day 21, Meal 41

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For lunch today, I modified a Day 2 meal, except I forgo the sausage this time around. A Refill portion of Spaghetti, Traditional Meat Sauce & Meatball:

Such a simple meal yet very delicious. It’s a classic for a reason. The Traditional Meat Sauce was excellent. All around great meal. 8/10.

Okay, Dessert time…

Dessert week is just about at an end! It’s been an incredible week of trying all the Dessert options available. The LAST option on the menu was the Dolcini, and fortunately (up to) ***5*** options are available. You can buy them individually for $2.99, 2 for $5.98, 3 for $7.49, 4 for $9.99 or ALL 5 for $12.48. These are described as “Piccoli Dolci “little dessert treats”, layered with cake, mousse, pastry creams and berries”. The options include Dark Chocolate w/Caramel, Amaretto Tiramisu, Strawberry & White Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse & Limoncello Mousse.

Since I was only doing half today, I had Strawberry & White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate w/Caramel and half of Limoncello Mousse.

My first one was Strawberry & White Chocolate:

Strawberry & White Chocolate

This was VERY good. The creamy topping was thick and delicious while pairing perfectly with the chunks of strawberry. This gets a 9/10.

Dark Chocolate w/Caramel was up next:

Dark Chocolate w/Caramel

This was another fantastic dessert. The rich chocolate cake underneath was moist and flavorful, and the shavings on top were a nice touch. I didn’t pick out a ton of caramel flavor, but that didn’t bother me. Another 9/10.

Last up for lunch time was half of the Limoncello Mousse:

Limoncello Mousse

This was one of my wife’s favorites, and as I knew she loved the Lemon Cream Cake, I figured it might be similar. Unfortunately, this is VERY lemony. Much more prevalent than I’d prefer, as I enjoyed the Lemon Cream Cake because it wasn’t so overpowering. This is. 6/10 for me.

See you at dinner time when I finish up the remaining options, including the Amaretto Tiramisu & Chocolate Mousse… I think I might donate the remaining half of the Limoncello Mousse to my lovely wife. You’re welcome Samantha 🙂

Here is the Ziosk showing a cost savings of $14.61:

Here is the nutritional information for this meal:

Day 21, Meal 42
Day 20, Meal 40

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