Day 14, Meal 27

Day 14, Meal 27

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For my second to last meal of 50/50 week, I had 3 sauce combinations remaining of the 15 possible: Creamy Mushroom/Traditional Marinara, Creamy Mushroom/Traditional Meat Sauce & Creamy Mushroom/Five Cheese Marinara. As you can tell, I’ve been avoiding mixing the Creamy Mushroom sauce with any of the red combinations. For this meal, I went with the Creamy Mushroom/Traditional Marinara combo paired with Angel Hair (if you have been following, you know this is my LEAST favorite pasta) along with Crispy Chicken Fritta:

So surprisingly, I actually LIKED this meal. Not only was it my least favorite pasta going in to this selection, I was also nervous about the sauce combination. But once mixed together, it totally worked! The Angel Hair was also cooked really well and didn’t present itself as the normal Ramen noodle-esque manner, and actually reminded me of regular pasta. I’m as shocked as much as you are that I liked it! Definitely a 7/10 meal, easily. Only thing it lacked was a little more flavor, and I probably could have solved that with a little more grated cheese to bump it to an 8/10. I would actually (intentionally) order this again.

Here is my receipt showing a cost savings of $14.82 (I have now received a value of over $400 in 2 weeks):

Here is the nutritional information for this meal:


Day 14, Meal 28
Day 13, Meal 26


Meals(+60 Leftover)
Saved(w/Pasta Pass)
Calories Consumed(2-3 Meals/Day)
Carbs (g)(Energy)
Protein (g)(Repair)
Fat (g)(Yum)
Locations Visited(Across 5 States)
Ending Weight (lb)(Started 153)
Calories Expended(Including BMR)
Active Minutes(Avg 45 Min/Day)


After losing 70 pounds this year, I'm going on a journey of enjoying carbs and dining out twice a day for the next 8 weeks, for free, while still living a healthy lifestyle. I'll be at the gym daily, and my goal is to not put on a single pound. "Everything in moderation, including moderation" - Oscar Wilde

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