Day 7, Meal 13

Day 7, Meal 13

My Rating:

So here we are, day 7, a week of nothing but Olive Garden is almost in the books. Since I had such a good experience from getting feedback from others with their meal choices, I decided to follow that route again from the same person who provided my meal choice that resulted in my last 10/10 meal rating. This meal consists of Cavatappi, Asiago Garlic Alfredo & Crispy Chicken Fritta:

Now since this is a heavier calorie meal choice, and would exceed my 1300 calorie (arbitrary) rule limit, as it comes in at 1449 calories (with some grated cheese included). I decided to eat half today, which resulted in this portioned meal:

This was very very good, definitely a 9/10 meal choice. My plan next go around for this selection is to try with a 50/50 split of Asiago Garlic Alfredo and Five Cheese Marinara, which also seems to be a very popular combination with rave reviews on our Olive Garden Never Ending Pasta Pass Holders group page.

Here is the Ziosk showing a savings of $14.82 for this meal:

Here is the nutritional information for this (half-portioned) meal:

Day 7, Meal 14
Day 6, Meal 12


Meals(+60 Leftover)
Saved(w/Pasta Pass)
Calories Consumed(2-3 Meals/Day)
Carbs (g)(Energy)
Protein (g)(Repair)
Fat (g)(Yum)
Locations Visited(Across 5 States)
Ending Weight (lb)(Started 153)
Calories Expended(Including BMR)
Active Minutes(Avg 45 Min/Day)


After losing 70 pounds this year, I'm going on a journey of enjoying carbs and dining out twice a day for the next 8 weeks, for free, while still living a healthy lifestyle. I'll be at the gym daily, and my goal is to not put on a single pound. "Everything in moderation, including moderation" - Oscar Wilde

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