-Stickwich Week

-Stickwich Week, Alfredo/Traditional Marinara & Meatball Stickwich

Day 26, Meal 51

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My Rating:Today we are going to try and improve on the last Meatball Stickwich I made, which came in at an already impressive 9/10. Since I’m a die-hard Meatball Sub fan, I had to give it another go: Let’s Build: A beautiful sight to see… This marvelous creation comes in at a 10/10. Just perfection for all Meatball lovers alike. And it is a beast. You need to pack it down quite a bit to actually eat it. But surprisingly, it wasn’t too messy to eat: Here is the Ziosk showing a cost savings of $14.61: Here is the nutritional […]

-Stickwich Week, Crispy Shrimp Fritta "Po' Boy" Stickwich

Day 25, Meal 50

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My Rating:MILESTONE Meal, # 50. This suggestion came from my local GM, and I instantly knew I had to make it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the Po’ Boy Stickwich: Let’s Build: This was REALLY fantastic. I actually didn’t expect to like this very much, as this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had Italian Dressing. Yes, I know that sounds very strange, but I literally just started eating salad a year ago (I’m 35, how does that even happen) and only ever gave Caesar dressing a go. It was also AMAZING that the kitchen offered […]

-Stickwich Week, Asiago Garlic Alfredo/Traditional Marinara & Crispy Chicken Fritta Stickwich

Day 25, Meal 49

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My Rating:You might remember from a few days ago that I had a Stickwich with Alfredo & Crispy Chicken Fritta that I somewhat ruined with grated cheese overload. As that is my lowest rated Stickwich (8/10 which is still great), I wanted to see if I could improve upon it. I was thinking separate layers of Asiago Garlic Alfredo and Traditional Marinara with the Crispy Chicken Fritta and skip to Romano this time: Let’s build: Wow, so amazing. Another 10/10. Like seriously it really is. If you can only try 1, try THIS ONE. Here is the Ziosk showing a […]

-Stickwich Week, Asiago Garlic Alfredo/Creamy Mushroom & Grilled Chicken Stickwich

Day 24, Meal 48

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My Rating:For tonight’s dinner I visited the 13th County and my 14th location along my 8 Weeks of Pasta journey, Lakeland Mall (Polk County). I decided on Asiago Garlic Alfredo/Creamy Mushroom & Grilled Chicken: Hands down, this location has the best Creamy Mushroom I’ve had. Okay, let’s build: I am sure you are seeing a theme with Stickwich week, in regards to them all being high ratings but seriously, this is another 10/10 and hands down the BEST Stickwich I’ve had yet! Just WOW! While this particular location is slightly outdated compared to some of the other ones I’ve visited, […]