-I ❤ Alfredo

-I ❤ Alfredo, Whole Grain Linguine, Alfredo & Crispy Chicken Fritta [Refill]

Day 43, Meal 102

My Rating:

My Rating:Today starts the “I ❤ Alfredo” theme, in which every meal has the oh so delicious Alfredo sauce! For meal #102, I’m going with Whole Grain Linguine, Alfredo  & Crispy Chicken Fritta: This was fantastic. I actually “thought” I ordered this with Crispy Shrimp Fritta, but when it came to the table I wasn’t about to send that delicious Crispy Chicken Fritta back. I know it would pair perfectly! I also asked for some fresh grated Romano on a plate, which ALWAYS helps meals like this. 10/10. Here is the receipt showing a cost savings of $14.82: Here is the nutritional […]